5 Urban Cities To See Amazing Street Art

Amazing Street Art Is Everywhere

Back in the 1980’s there was something of a taboo surrounding ‘graffiti’ artists. The “professional” types looked down on them, almost to the extent they ignored any relevancy to their own work between the two styles. Now, almost everybody involved in the art industry recognises the style and message that amazing street art conveys.

A Street Art Revolution?

Personally, I have always had a strong admiration for street art. I think it probably the most expressive medium going, and if I wasn’t such a scaredy-cat I may have give it a go myself.

The way street artists challenge social norms and politics using a spray-can and an old run down wall excites me. The art itself is strong, loud and in most instances, what everybody else is thinking but too scared to say!

It’s controversial. Mainly illegal; hence the anonomity and pseudo-names of street artists. But, it’s one hell of a voice to exercise your right to freedom of speech.

Here are my Top Five Urban Cities to see Amazing Street Art!

1. London Street Art

'Lets Adore And Endure Each Other' by Steve 'ESPO' Power and some street art by Thierry Noir | Amazing Street Art

'OH MY DAYS' by Kid Acne | Amazing Street Art Street Art by Thierry Noir and Stik | Amazing Street Art

London is notoriously famous for it’s street art. Artists from all over the world have left their mark on the old city streets, with many contributing to the Village Underground Wall project in Shoreditch set up and run by streetartlondon.co.uk throughout 2013.

Also home to some of the most famous street art by ‘Banksy’, London has been one big canvas for over thirty years.

Street Art Tours from Street Art London

2. Berlin Street Art

One of my favourite pieces of street art is in Berlin paying homage to Stanley Kubrick cult film ‘The Shining’. It has been replicated a few times over the globe, but nothing beats the original, right?

The Shining Street Art Berlin | Amazing Street Art

Pink Man Mural Berlin | Amazing Street ArtRAT by Banksy, Berlin | Amazing Street Art



There are some equally incredible pieces of street art on show across the city, such as the ‘Pink Man’ mural and a Banksy contribution.

Berlin Street Art Tours from Alternative Berlin

3. New York Street Art

One of the first places I ever saw street art was in the movies, usually based in New York. Brooklyn especially is a magnet for talented street artists, often working together to create awesome murals with so much going on, you can’t stop looking!

Reka Street Art New York | Amazing Street Art

New York Street Art | Amazing Street ArtNew York Street Art | Amazing Street Art


Street artist Reka has many pieces across the city. There is an interview with him over on streetartnyc.org, where he gives a great insight into life as a street artist.

New York Street Art Tours from Levy’s Unique NY

4. Melbourne Street Art

Melbourne is another exciting city to see some amazing street art, with many famous pieces such as the piece below by Melbourne Street Artist, Phibs.

Phibs Street Art-Melbourne | Amazing Street Art

Melbourne Street Art | Amazing Street ArtMelbourne Street Art | Amazing Street Art

Along with Berlin, I love the style of the art in this city and the challenging messages it conveys.

Melbourne Street Art Tours from Melbourne Street Tours

5. São Paulo Street Art

Finally, São Paulo. The street art in the Brazilian city is very, well… Brazilian. It is loud and bright and although not as socially challenging as some of the above cities, it is one hell of a celebration of the medium. It is art at it’s most beautiful.

Sao Paulo Street Art | Amazing Street Art

Sao Paulo Street Art | Amazing Street ArtSao Paulo Street Art | Amazing Street Art



Invader, the anon from (presumed) London, has also left his mark here too.

São Paulo Street Art Tours from Around SP

If you would like to read more about Street Art then then Fat Cap is a great resource to find out more about cities, projects and street artists around the world. Check it out!

And just incase you have been inspired to start your own street art project, just make sure you check out the legalities first. Where as I have referred to it as Street Art, many including Law Enforcers use Graffiti Vandalism! Please be responsible.

Are there any cities you think warranted a mention here?… Get in touch in the comments below!