7 Positive Characteristics of Artists We All Share

As artists, it is fair to describe ourselves as “creative”. But, what is it to be creative?

When I hear someone else being described as creative, I immediately feel drawn to them. There is a connection that happens – but why does it happen?

7 Artistic CharacteristicsAre we a tribe spread throughout the world trying so hard to fit in with non-creative types, that we are almost relieved when we come across another one of our own because finally, here is someone who completely understands why we are constantly asking ourselves questions aloud whilst completing any given task?

There are plenty of scientific studies splashed around the Internet on creative personality types, with many of them also highlighting the negative traits many of us try to keep under wrapsย Yes, we can be “jerks” Inc.com,ย ย but that’s just because we know our idea will work. Compromising just waters down our ideas, and we want our ideas to be all or nothing! Joking.


In this post though, I want to focus on the beautiful side of creative’s and highlight seven good things as an artist I think I am – and I think you probably are too…

1 We Are Problem Solvers.

Remember that time you were told to “think outside the box” when trying to solve a problem.

Remember wondering at the time what other ways there were to think other than outside the box. That.

As creative types, we are constantly going against the grain of conventional thinking. We know there is more than one way to solve a problem, and we know the other less-conventional ways aren’t obvious to everyone.

2 We Are Independent.

Honestly, one of the biggest reasons I work for myself is because I hate working for someone else.

Relying on an employer who gives me just a payroll number for my security, health and wealth – which are all crucial to survival, by the way – just doesn’t sit right with me. I have no control what happens in this scenario.

This isn’t just an authority thing. This is an “I” thing.

3 We Are Compassionate.

One of my favourite parts of being creative is that we like to think deeply about a range of different topics. We ask questions and we want to understand.

When everyone else is jumping on the nearest bandwagon over economical, political and religious issues – we stop, think and ask questions first.

We have empathy and we know the world isn’t simple. It is complex. There are thousands of life-journeys happening every day around us, nearly all tainted with some sadness.

As fellow humans, we should all get this. As creative’s, we especially do!

4 We Are Ambitious.

Because we are compassionate, it is only natural that we are going to want to change something to help others.

For some of us, we want this change to be our legacy.

We are focussed. We are doers. We are proud. ย And we want to leave a lasting mark because this is what makes us fill up with joy.

5 We Are Intellectual.

OK. We are not Einsteins. But, because we are always curious and wanting to learn deeply about different topics, we pick bits and bobs up along the way and then mentally log it to show off at a later date.

We love and nurture our minds. And we crave to learn new things constantly because we can’t tolerate being bored.

6 We Are Fearless.

As sensitive types, emotions are often close to the surface with us – which makes us susceptible to vulnerability.

We embrace vulnerability though. We know that if we want to accomplish the bigger challenges in our work, our relationships and in our health we have to willing to put ourselves out there and throw caution to the wind.

We are all or nothing. However uncomfortable that can get along the way.

7 We Are Funny.

And, because we are the preceding six things – of course we are going to have great sense of humours.

We look at things differently. We feel things differently. Therefore, we are going to have a few different angles to come from with our humour which not everyone else is going to appreciate fully.

We amuse ourselves and each other everyday, and who doesn’t like to laugh?

Anymore For Anymore?

So, there you have it. My own non-scientific-purely-based-on-being-me characteristics of the artist.

What other positive traits do you think I should have included?

C’mon, let’s all have a self-esteem booster session in the comments below…


  1. Steven


    Great post, thanks. I feel like most of these, too.

    Another one I would add is that we have awesome imaginations, always in a dream world. Haha.

    Anyway, thanks.

    • Lou Pemberton

      Hahaha, yeah we are dreamers that’s for sure. Cheers Steven! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ALI

      Yeah that’s really true sir

  2. Paul

    Hi Lou,
    Thanks for an entertaining and thought provoking blog ( I should get into blogging ….)
    The seven traits are ones I see in myself and my nearest and dearest who also teaches art. Some others are Curiosity- an urge to examine, understand, take apart ( sorry about your camera Nan but I was only 8 years old! ). Vision- we warn our students that they may never see the world around them the same again. Everything is a potential painting and shapes and colours appear everywhere.
    Humour – I have learned to laugh at some of the paintings I attempt when they don’t quite work out. I tell my students that if they cannot laugh at their mistakes then bring them round to our house and we’ll laugh at them for you! See humour… it’s infectious.

    • Lou Pemberton

      Hey Paul, yes I agree we are curious creatures, and often analytical by nature.

      I love the vision one, too. Cheers for your comment, and glad you liked the post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Maxine

    Hello Lou! I really like this, this is exactly how I describe myself
    Honestly, me and myself is fighting if I wanted to live in reality since this is what everyone else do or just live in my own world full of fantasies.

    And I always end up living in reality and forgetting about my own world

    But thank you for this! Now I understand more myself

    • Lou Pemberton

      Yeah, reality does suck. I’m much happier getting lost with my imagination than dealing with practical tasks, so I get what you’re saying there!

      Thanks for your comment and glad you liked the post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Salvatore Fote

    Hello, Lou
    Iam just starting to draw and I love it, you see Iam bipolar and I have done so much in my life so far so everything I have done has been great, I learn fast and I agree with the seven things you wrote and I have all of them and many more.

    Salvatore Fote

  5. Sidra

    Your post helped alot.

  6. Tamy Walker

    I love this post. I’m actually feeling like you mostly described me! I always felt I was missing the big picture. I’m kinda late realizing I have a passion for drawing. I never felt like I was any good. So never took art classes (mistake) I came across your site today as I was looking to find depth in drawing. I’m so glad I did. Reading part of it the way you talk and describe, I decided to go to your home page and start fresh. Because even though I’m drawing well, I have no idea what I am doing. I need to know how and why I’m getting the results I am getting! Honestly some are because I made a mistake had to erase, and voila I’m like that looks right. Let’s keep it. Thank you

    • Lou Pemberton

      Hey Tamy, that’s cool, thank you very much. Enjoy the tutorial! ๐Ÿ™‚