Check Your Pencil Portrait Is Correct Before Sealing

Free Drawing Trobleshoot Checklist | How To Draw... Pencil PortraitsWhen you have finished your pencil portrait, you will need to add a Fixative Spray to seal the lead and protect the drawing from accidental smudging and wear.

Once the Fixative has been added, there is no going back. It is important, therefore to be absolutely certain you are 100% satisfied with your work before you add the sealant.

To help you with this, I have compiled a 5 step checklist which you can download and save to your computer and print off and keep with your drawing tools.

To download the checklist, simply click the ‘Download’ button below, and on the next screen click ‘Save A Copy’ to save to your computer and print later, or ‘Print’ to print immediately!

Download Checklist