How To Think Of What To Draw?

Tips To Help You Work Out What To Draw!

How To Think Of What To Draw? | Blog- How To Draw...There are times when your brain just freezes and you find yourself with a pencil in your hand, staring at a blank sheet of pristine white paper trying to jumpstart your thoughts and begging for some inspiration to magically appear from the Heavens when you just cannot figure out what to draw!

In fact, it almost feels like the longer you are sitting there trying to work this one out, the more your brain sticks it’s heels in and refuses to budge. This is Drawing Block and is very similar to Writer’s Block. It is frustrating, and leaves you feeling completely uncreative, unproductive and lacking inspiration.


Tips To Conquer Drawing Block

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to ease your frustration, and seek some musings.

Firstly, let it go!

Forget about your drawing for five minutes. Put the pencil down, and move away from the paper and do something else, like make a hot drink, read the paper or just something else!… Just stop trying to force the issue.

This will help you relax and to clear the cloudy thoughts clogging your mind, so when you decide to tackle the issue in the next paragraph you will be able to focus clearly.

Now ask yourself why you want to draw something. Don’t over think the question; just give yourself one quick, blunt answer…

“ I am bored!”


“I want to produce a masterpiece!”


“I need to meet a deadline!”

…are all quick answers which will guide you to your muse. How poetic!

From this, you can brainstorm ideas. If you have never brainstormed an idea before, it is basically drawing a diagram of your thoughts on paper so you can visually see how you are thinking. In fact, some call this mind-mapping. The diagram below shows a basic brainstorm or mind-map.

How To Think Of What To Draw? | Blog- How To Draw...

Start by using a seed word in the center. As you are trying to organize your thoughts to work out what to draw, I would suggest something like ‘Inspiration’.

Now start thinking about the things you love; music, films, sports, wildlife… that sort of thing but keep it broad. That is don’t be specific, just choose general categories. Write these around your seed word, and use lines to connect them.

Next, go one by one through each category you have listed and do the same again, but this time being more specific. For example, if you wrote ‘Music’ then write the names of bands you like around the word ‘Music’ and branch these back, like mine below.

How To Think Of What To Draw? | Blog- How To Draw...

Then maybe think about Song titles, and what they mean to you, or a specific lyric in the song?… Or a special goal by your favourite team? (Yes, I am a Villa fan!)

You can go on and on with this until the penny finally drops and that lightbulb pings into action. You can also do this for anything. Just start with a seed word, and let your mind wonder!

I hope this helps, and your creative juices run freely again. Please feel free to comment below and let everyone know how you got on!