Pencil Drawing Tutorials – Video Training I Recommend For Serious Beginner Artists!

Having run HowToDraw… for a couple years now, and the wonderful feedback I get back from budding artists who want to learn so passionately on an almost daily basis – part of me has always wanted to go full throttle with this and create some kind of in-depth pencil drawing tutorial with club membership and videos where we can build a great community together.

The biggest problem I have there though, is finding the time with work and family commitments; I just don’t think I could do it justice or up to the standard you deserve right now.

Another problem I have is that my drawing “speciality” if you like, is portrait drawing – and I have already covered most of what I know about this on the rest of this website – with full, free access for all. I can draw cartoons, objects, and animals too – but not to the same standard I can draw portraits, and so definitely not to the standard where by I could confidently teach others.

But, I know how much video tutorials can help someone to learn, because I am a show-then-do learner as well. Video tutorials are powerful for the more visual-orientated and so I do want to help somehow here.

Pencil Kings IS King Of Pencil Drawing Tutorials!

Pencil KingsWhen I had this vision of what my pencil drawing membership site would be like – it was exactly the same as Pencil Kings. My vision is already out there.

If you’re not familiar with Pencil Kings, then I urge you to go and take a look, but some quick background – the website was founded and set up by Mitch Bowler in 2010 as a way to help anyone from anywhere and at any level reach their drawing aspirations, which is also the same underlying core value I hold myself on HowToDraw…

Now, five years on, the website boasts courses created for all traditional and modern mediums taught by professional artists who have worked for some of the biggest companies in the world such as Warner Bros., Sony and Dreamworks. That is an unbeatable mix, right there!

I don’t know Mitch personally, but I have traded a couple of emails with him in the past and the general vibe I get from him is of complete sincerity. He really does want to help others learn to draw, which is important to me if I am going to recommend his website to you guys and girls.

Pencil Kings Examples

What’s Inside Pencil Kings?

Short answer – LOADS!

From Sketching and Painting to Landscape and Comics tutorials, there are in all 10 different categories – so most definitely something for everyone, and in total 59 tutorials currently and growing across Pencil, Paint and Digital mediums with two new courses added monthly.

Pencil Kings Filters

You can filter all the tutorials by drawing levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and even by Artist should you particularly favour one artists style.

Once you click through to a tutorial, you will see a basic layout of the course modules alongside an introduction of what you can expect to learn and in what order, with the videos waiting to get started.

Pencil Kings Rewards

The videos themselves are just fantastic. Edited professionally and with clear, concise instruction from the Artist, delivered in short 5 minute videos so you can take action fast and on the move!

I also love the reward badges and notifications you get for completing courses and tasks – great for motivation and keeping focus.

There is one thing though that puts Pencil Kings on top by a country mile, and that is the community they have built there. There own forum area is manned daily, with students quickly able to get answers to their questions – and that is a great accomplishment for Mitch and his team.

There is nothing worse when you are keen to learn something than to quickly be brought to a sudden halt because of lost direction, and Pencil Kings completely gets this and have built a great community which helps it’s students keep moving forward.

How Much Does Pencil Kings Cost?

$19.95 per month. That is all! One of the Artists alone would charge at least $50 an hour if you were to hire them one-on-one, and you get 20 of them, plus the courses plus the community. If you are serious about learning to draw, then you won’t get a better deal then this.

You Can Join Right Now By Clicking Here!

Pencil Kings also offers two guarantees; The Love It Or Leave It Guarantee which is your standard 30-Days money back guarantee if you decide to cancel and get a refund.

Then there is The Lightbulb Moment Guarantee. This guarantee promises your money back if you don’t learn something profound and have a “personal breakthrough” or Lightbulb Moment within the first 7 days after watching the videos.Love It GuaranteeLightbulb Guarantee

This means you can sign up risk-free and with peace of mind that you are guaranteed to learn and improve your drawing.

The Bottom Line…

Seriously, it is very rare you will see me raving about someone else’s drawing website on HowToDraw… because I know there are lot’s of crap ones which are too expensive and deliver very little.

But, Pencil Kings is different. I have watched the courses myself, and I have seen their community and even if I did want to build my own membership site here to help more – I couldn’t beat Pencil Kings. It is the website I wish I built and owned, and exactly the same format I would build.

They already have an impressive roll of students on their books, top top artists from across different mediums and backgrounds and a community bulging at the seams with vast knowledge and help.

If you are serious about wanting to learn to draw then Pencil Kings is the logical next step should you want to continue your drawing journey online.

Join Pencil Kings by clicking here.