Step By Step Drawing Tutorial: Steps 6 to 10

Step By Step Drawing Tutorial- Steps Six to Ten | How To Draw... Pencil PortraitsIn the first half of this step by step drawing tutorial, we had a lot of pencil techniques to learn, and some pretty challenging tutorials to overcome with our pencil portrait.

The good news is now we have the more complicated stuff completed, we can really start pushing on and finish the pencil portrait.

The rest of this tutorial is fairly straightforward, and the end is definitely in sight now.

The Last Five Steps

Now we have all the facial elements completed, we need to:

  • Add tones and shape to the face
  • Add the hair and ears
  • Add the neck and shoulders
  • Tidy the portrait up and finish
  • Mount and frame

There are far less steps in the following tutorials, so I think an hour could be sufficient time run through these last steps.

If you need more time, though; go ahead- it isn’t a race, and I would hate for you to rush now and spoil all your hard work. Let’s do it!

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