Mounting And Framing Your Pencil Portrait

Mounting And Framing Your Pencil Portrait | How To Draw... Pencil Portraits- A Step By Step Drawing Tutorial ilThe final part of this step by step drawing tutorial will show you how to mount and frame your pencil portrait.

This is the most satisfying part of pencil portraiture in my opinion, because the mount and frame brings the portrait to life and adds something more.

If or when you draw a pencil portrait as a gift for a friend or loved one, be sure to mount and frame it because the reaction is so worth it from a self-indulgent view.

Tip; If you don’t mount and frame your portrait, don’t ever roll your pencil portrait. If you need to package and post your portrait, don’t be tempted to use tubes. Your hard work will suffer in the end as the portrait will warp.

Instead, lay the portrait flat and place a scrap piece of paper on top to protect the lead. Lay between two sturdy pieces of cardboard, and use a stapler to hold it in place by stapling the two pieces of cardboard together being careful to not catch the portrait itself.

Wrap in bubble-wrap and packaging paper.

This can also be used if you do mount and frame, though take extra care. You may also wish to place ‘Fragile’ warning stickers on the front of the package.

How To Mount And Frame Your Pencil Portrait

Although it is possible to make your own mount for your portrait, I don’t see the point when framing is available with a mount included at a reasonable price.

The mount is cut to match the frame, so you will not have any unexpected results.

The only thing you have to do is position the portrait, and ensure it stays in place. This is accomplished using trial and error, and Blu-Tac to attach the portrait and mount together.

You can use glue or staples, but this is very final and you may wish to change the frame further down the line maybe to match your new decor or something!

Choosing Your Frame

When choosing your frame, it is important to consider different factors such as the tone of your pencil portrait and where it will be displayed.

I have personally found light frames such as beech and silver enhance my portrait work better than darker oak frames. This is because I am a little heavy handed, so my drawings almost always end up having an overall dark tone to them.

The lighter frame somehow lightens the tone for me, and helps my portraits to stand out better.

A darker frame such as oak for example could help lighter pencil portraits stand out better, as the focus is more centered.

If possible, consider where your portrait will be displayed. This can also affect the overall and finished quality; for example, if the portrait will be displayed on a scarlet red wall, then maybe a black frame will work better than a beech frame!

Tip; If you need some guidance with this, why not browse some DIY hardware websites or Building Developer websites and have a look through their showroom portfolio’s; these are made with professional interior designers who know what works with what!

Frame Sizing

The sizing of your frame depends on the size of the paper, and the size of the area the portrait is in..

Always make sure you have your measurements in inches and centimetres ready when choosing your frame.

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a frame with a mount, only to find the mount clips the top of your subjects head off!

Reasonable Priced Framing With Mount Included

Framing your portrait yourself doesn’t have to cost much. Your local hardware stores will have a range of frames to choose from at great prices.

The good thing about purchasing your frames from a brick-and-mortar outlet is that you can physically see and hold the frame, which helps with visualising the overall feel and look of your completed pencil portrait.

Great value can also be found online. Frames By Post Ltd have a huge range of great quality framing available on Amazon with lot’s of different options on sizing, colour and mounting.

H7 Black A3 Frame with White Mount

If you are after a sleek frame to help your light pencil portrait stand out, then this frame is ideal.

Available in several sizes, and plastic styrene glass for safe packaging and handling this frame would look good on white or red walls.

There is also the option of a H7 Black Frame with Black Mount.

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H7 Beech Frame with Ivory Mount

The Beech frames are what I tend to opt for. They are versatile and help to soften the dark tones I use in my pencil portraits.

Also available in several sizes, and with plastic styrene glass for safe handling this lighter frame looks great on cream pastels such as magnolia and chocolate walls.

Also available with White or Black Mounting.

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H7 Mocha Frame with White Mount

This frame is another I have been known to use. The rustic feel adds a warmth to the portrait, but only if the tone is right. Too light a tone can be lost in this frame by the overbearing nature of the colour.

This frame has a lot of character, so it would look great on pastel shades, especially a soft red berry or cream beige.

Also available with Ivory or Black Mounting.

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Click here to see more Frames with Mounting from Frames By Post Ltd. at Amazon

The Finished Pencil Portrait

Now you have Mounted and Framed your pencil portrait, there is nothing left to do but hang your masterpiece up on the wall for visitors to see.

Mounting And Framing Your Pencil Portrait | How To Draw... Pencil Portraits- A Step By Step Drawing Tutorial ilWell done!

That’s mine on the right!

The amazing thing about drawing is seeing the end result, and just enjoying the reaction you get from others to it.

I have drawn many pencil portraits for family and friends as gifts, and whenever I visit and see a portrait I have gave them, it never fails to give me a little buzz inside.

To know “I did that!” fills you with a huge sense of pride.

I hope you get the same buzz too!

I would love to see your finished pencil portraits, so get in touch!

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