Step By Step Drawing Tutorial: Steps 1 to 5

Step By Step Drawing Tutorial | How To Draw... Pencil PortraitsThe way I have structured this drawing tutorial is in an easy to follow, step by step format. This is to avoid overwhelming you with too much information all at the same time.

It will also give you time to reflect on each step, and regain perspective and focus ready to start the next step.

I believe this cut-down-to-bite sizes method will help you gain confidence in your own abilities and develop your own style of drawing in your learning to draw journey.

The First Five Steps

The first half of this step by step drawing tutorial will guide you through;

  • Basic Pencil Techniques
  • Choosing A Photo
  • Drawing The Eyes
  • Drawing The Nose
  • Drawing The Lips

There Is No Rush!

One final piece of advice I will remind you of is don’t rush!

This website is going nowhere, and will always be a free drawing tutorial. Drawing should never feel like a chore, or something that needs to be finished in next to no time. Rushing will only lead to mistakes; I guarantee that, and mistakes will not help you to develop, but rather will impede and frustrate you. So, don’t rush!

Take regular breaks throughout, every half hour at least, and ensure your posture doesn’t suffer too much by stretching out during these breaks. You would be surprised how painful an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) can be, and you really don’t want to risk it. 

Find out more about RSI and how it can affect Artists.

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